Sixth Form PSHE

All Sixth Form students receive dedicated PSHE time each week during which our specialist Sixth Form tutors cover a wide range of topics, skills and activities. This is designed to supplement our academic curriculum and provide students with opportunities to develop, discuss and reflect. We seek to prepare students to manage their current lives and lay foundations for managing future experiences.

Students have a daily 30 minute drop in session with their tutor. During this time, students will have the opportunity to meet one-to-one with their Sixth Form tutor to discuss their progress, take part in group activities and discuss current issues. The content for these sessions does vary between year group. Year 12 focus on health and wellbeing and follow the Edge programme whereas Year 13 continue to work on their personal statements for UCAS, apprenticeships and employment, as well as focusing on study and revision skills in preparation for Level 3 examinations.

All students also have an additional one hour PSHE session on a Tuesday led by their form tutors.

In Year 12 our focus is initially on the effective transition to Post 16 study and helping to provide students with the capacity to understand, develop and manage relationships, learn independently through the setting of targets to develop strategies for effective self-regulation and time management.
For most of the remainder of Year 12 students will complete The Progression Module produced by Leeds Beckett University. This is a structured programme which aims to support students in their preparation for both higher education and employment. The module is delivered by the Year 12 tutors and support is given by Leeds Beckett University staff whenever needed. Within the Module, students are guided through how to compose a CV, how best to research different courses and how to effectively budget when at University. Students also undertake a mock interview and are assessed on the delivery of a presentation.

In Year 13, support and advice in selecting and applying for University places or employment are our major focus, along with Careers advice and exposure to the full range of Post 18 options available. In addition to this the students receive practical advice and sessions on how to manage stress, preparing for university life and improving their study skills.

Students in both Year 12 and 13 are also given the opportunity to take part in mock interviews conducted by the local Rotary group in order to prepare them for university and their next steps. This is an invaluable experience as students are given constructive feedback so they can develop their interview strategies further and enhance their communication skills

Sixth Form Enrichment

“Enrichment: activities and experiences that broaden horizons, develop new skills and cultivate personal and social qualities such as commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit”

So what is the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme?

The Sixth Form provides a structure for hands on enrichment that involves ‘learning by doing’. This allows our students to build up evidence that they have qualities, knowledge and skills that will be valuable to them in higher education, employment and in life. Students are required to choose at least one enrichment activity that they will undertake during their time in Sixth Form.