Knowledge Organiser

YEARS 7, 8 & 9

Every student will be issued with a Knowledge Organiser  and Retrieval Book each term. You should use them to complete 20 minutes a day of retrieval practice.

Students will also be quizzed on key aspects of their knowledge organiser in lessons and around the academy.

Teachers may specify certain parts to learn at particular times and may set additional home learning tasks to go along side this.

YEARS 10 & 11

In some subjects, students will also be given a knowledge organiser at KS4 and be quizzed regularly. This is at the discretion of the teacher dependent on whether they decide it is beneficial in the lead up to their GCSE’s.

GCSEPod podcasts are designed for mobile devices, so it’s like carrying a huge pile of textbooks and revision guides around with you everywhere.

Its like an online Knowledge Organiser!

Have an expert read and explain everything for you clearly and precisely with all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams on screen. You won’t need to use it for long before you feel the impact.  Consistent use in short chunks is proven to support achievement.

Your teacher may create an assignment which will include a playlist of podcasts for you to watch and some questions for you to answer, or you can choose your own pods focussing on areas you know you need to improve.


SubjectKS3 KS4 
English 30 minutes and a reading homework 1 hour 
Maths 30 minutes 1 hour 
Science 30 minutes 1 hour Triple Science- 2 hours 
History Year 7-30 minutes Year 8- 30 minutes every 2/3 weeks 1 hour 
Geography Year 7-30 minutes every 2/3 weeks Year 8- 30 minutes 1 hour 
RS 30 minutes every 2/3 weeks Research as appropriate 
Art 30 minutes every 2/3 weeks 1 hour which may include working in   the Academy to use the materials 
Technology 30 minutes every 2/3 weeks 1 hour which may include time in the   workshops for practical work 
MFL 30 minutes 1 hour 
Music 1 extended homework each half-term-1   hour 1 hour which may include practical   work in the Academy 
Drama 1 extended homework each half-term-1   hour 1 hour and attendance at rehearsals 
Expressive   Arts N/A 1 hour and attendance at rehearsals 
PE N/A 1 hour for GCSE and BTEC 
Computer Science1 each half-term 1 hour which may be spent in the   Academy using the ICT facilities 

Celebrate Success

We love to celebrate the work of our students both in the classroom and at home.

Send anything you or your child are proud of to:

We can then share this amazing work through academy celebration events, with class teachers, online or just with a quiet well done to the student.