Careers Programme

Delta Academies use the CDI Framework and topic 3 of the PSHE Association Programme of Study to build our Careers Programmes.

Our CEIAG Policy gives an overview of the programme for each year group.

Gatsby Benchmarks

Our planned programmes support students and ensure they receive the relevant careers education, information, advice and guidance that is suitable for their age and ability by implementation of the 8 Gatsby Career Benchmarks, written by Sir John Holman, a former Headteacher and founder of the National STEM Learning Centre.  

Sir John wrote the Good Career Guidance Report after carrying out extensive research. 

The fast-changing world of work puts an ever-greater demand on all of us to support students in making a successful transition from education to employment, helping them to identify and choose career opportunities that are right for them.

The government’s careers strategy set out a plan for building a high-quality careers system that will help young people to achieve. The Gatsby Benchmarks are a key measure of the effectiveness of career guidance and provision – Delta Academies Trust is committed to achieving all eight benchmarks;

A stable careers programme – All year groups receive careers education through the EPC programme during tutor time.

Learning from career and labour market information – The careers programme uses LMI to look at the opportunities at a local and national level for different employment sectors

Addressing the needs of each pupil – Employment stereotypes are challenged throughout the careers programme and students are encouraged to use the Start programme to undertake an individual diagnostic test to determine suitable career pathways.

Linking curriculum learning to careers – Subject Schemes of Work relate areas of study to career pathways and teachers are confident in discussing job opportunities related to their specialist areas.  Departmental displays signpost students to relevant careers in each faculty area.

Encounters with employers and employees – The academy encourages visitors in to the classroom and assemblies to speak to students about their jobs and what they involve.  We regularly hold careers fairs and careers cafes to enable students to speak to local and national employers.

Experiences of workplaces – Students are given a wide range of opportunities to experience workplaces through the academy visits programme.  The academy will support students in finding and undertaking work experience with local or national organisations.

Encounters with further and higher education – The academy undertakes several visits to further and higher educational institutions including supporting transition and taster days.  Local FE and HE providers are invited to exhibit at the careers fair.

Personal guidance – All students are given the opportunity to meet with our independent careers advisor through Careersinc.  The careers advisor also attends parents evenings to provide advice and guidance. The pastoral team also provide support in applications and selection processes.