Details on the current meal offer (menus)

MCAS (My child at school app)
At The Vale Academy we request that all parents pay for academy trips, uniform, music lessons and dinner money top ups using our e-payment method. This can be done via the MCAS app or by using cash at local shops where you see the PayPoint logo.

If you have not got your activation details please contact us to request activation details.


If you would prefer to pay for items using cash you are able to use the PayPoint option; should you wish to use this option you will need to request a barcoded letter for each item you wish to pay for. This letter can be taken to any shop carrying the PayPoint logo & will permit you to pay by cash.

Paying for Meals
With the new biometrics system now in place, accounts can still be topped up by parents using MCAS or by students (with cash) using the revaluation machine in the dining hall. However, instead of using a card, students will use either their fingerprint or pin number (whichever is appropriate to them). Further details attached at the bottom of this section.

Below you will find a price list of food offered by.

A meal deal costs £2.40 and consists of the meal of the day/sandwich, cookie and a drink.

Free School Meals
With the new biometrics system we are still able to operate a very discreet free school meal (FSM) service, students who are in receipt of a free school meal get their card topped up by the academy up to the value of a meal deal each day. 

Free school meal eligibility is assessed by North Lincolnshire Council, you can email the Free School Meal eligibility team or phone them on 01724 297217.

You can also find out whether your child is eligible for free school meals by going to the North Lincolnshire web site, there is no cost to applying and it could save you over £400 per year! Applying is confidential and free school meal students remain unidentifiable at the dinner queue as the academy use a cashless card system for all students.

We supply nutritious and balanced meals with varying menus which change each term. We strive to provide tasty and nutritious meals whilst impacting the environment as little as possible.

Our kitchens minimise the use of single-use plastics in the storage, preparation and serving of food.

Drinking water is freely available and students are encouraged to bring in reusable bottles.

Alongside the work we do to reduce single-use plastics across the academy, we also recycle our food waste into green energy through ReFood.

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