Terrific Taiko

17th November 2016

Taiko enthusiasts beat a path to a concert that marked the end of a three-day Humber Taiko Festival.


The Vale Academy’s team played two pieces in the Bath Hall, Scunthorpe, event, one of which they had composed and was well received.

 Compere Emma Middleton, a member of Humber Taiko’s main performance group Coritani, was keen to learn it.

 Year 11 student Calum Law had enjoyed taking part.

 “Seeing absolutely amazing Taiko groups gives inspiration to create more Taiko pieces and more motivation to continue what we are doing,” he said.

 Taiko group leader and teacher Sally Russell said the important aspect for the six members who represented the academy was the experience and seeing what other local groups were doing.

 “Although the students did not play their own drums, they more than held their own against all the groups,” she said.

 “Some of the other groups have been playing for many years thus making the success of our students all the more sweet. You could say it was an upbeat evening!”