Anti-Bullying Week

14th November 2016

It is Anti-Bullying Week nationally and a programme of events at The Vale Academy will reinforce our strong stance against the issue.

Vertical house tutor sessions and a special assembly aim to give our students more confidence to help tackle any issue swiftly and effectively.

Vice Principal Andy Collins said nationally-recognised resources from the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation and the Power for Good website, set up by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, would be utilised.

“Fortunately, incidents of bullying at the academy are atypical and, when they do happen, we have effective policies to deal with them,” Mr Collins said.

“However, Anti-Bullying Week gives us another opportunity to highlight that bullying will not be tolerated and, if somebody is a victim, there are plenty of ways in which they will be supported.”

To help with the stance against bullying, an email account, checked by senior leaders, is being created to allow students to report any bullying issues immediately and discretely. The address is

Cohen, the former England Rugby Union star who also appeared on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, lost his father to violence when he stood up for an employee who was being attacked.