Author inspires students

7th March 2018

Creative writing skills flourished when a published author visited The Vale Academy.

Philip Hamlyn Williams, also chair of Lincoln Book Festival, worked with Year 9 students and was “astounded” by the results.

English teacher Sandy King, who organised the visit, said Mr Williams gave out an image and told the students: "Just write a story. Don't think. Just write the first thing that comes into your head."

They did just that with surprising results.

One student said: "I was so surprised by my writing. I don't know where the ideas came from."

For the second task, Mr Williams handed out an image of scenery and told students to think - not write.

Miss King said he allowed them to note words and words only - but made it even more challenging by banning adjectives and adverbs.

Students had to think and then write a description.

Miss King said: “Students found these two ways of writing very interesting. Some preferred the spontaneity and others preferred the thinking time.

“Their creativity was evident throughout and we were all impressed by their writing.”

She thanked Mr Hamlyn Williams and looked forward to seeing him again at The Vale.

Principal Nicola Williams thanked Miss King for organising the event.

“The students clearly got a lot out of the experience,” she said. “We’re grateful to Mr Williams for an inspirational visit.”