The Vale's top performance

20th January 2017

New-style performance league tables put The Vale Academy in the country’s top 25% of state-funded school.

The Department for Education says the academy is one of the highest performing in North Lincolnshire, with a Progress 8 figure of 0.25. The average score across the country was -0.03.

The tables, released on Thursday, also confirm The Vale had a record 72% of its Year 11 students achieve Grade C or above in English and maths last summer.

When compared to 55 other secondaries with a similar intake, The Vale, part of Delta Academies Trust, ranks the seventh best in England.

Principal Nicola Williams was delighted by the results.

“Our position in the league tables is down to a huge amount of work and tireless effort by students and staff,” she said.

“Last summer was a record-breaking year for us but our strong performance is across year groups.

“The Progress 8 measure looks at students’ achievements across eight different subject areas from arriving at the academy to leaving.

“Parents want to know their children are progressing and achieving their full potential. They can be rest-assured this is the case at The Vale.

“It’s a terrific boost for staff and students. It also demonstrates we remained focused on academic performance while planning the move to our new building.

“Now we have outstanding results and an outstanding teaching and learning environment.”

Paul Tarn, Chief Executive Officer of Delta Academies Trust, said: “I was delighted that the publication of the DfE performance tables showed the Vale in the top 12% of similar schools in the country and very well-positioned locally. 

“This is testament to the hard work of staff and pupils and the determined leadership of the Principal, Nicola Williams. 

“The Academy moved into its new buildings in January and this performance shows it is poised to progress still further as it strives to be outstanding.” 

Progress 8 is based on results and pupils’ levels of progress in eight qualifications, which include English, maths, three qualifications from sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and three other additional approved qualifications.

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