Art, Design & Technology

We believe that art, design and technology are subjects that can help us to understand and give meaning to the world we live in.  Through our curriculum we aim to provide students with an experience that is exciting and ensure that our students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking. 

We support our students to aspire through their learning experiences to standards of excellence intellectually, practically, and aesthetically. Each student experiences a variety of media and techniques. In KS3 students will develop their skills and understanding with progressive complexity and sophistication, so that they are able to make informed choices and work with increasing independence into Key Stages 4 and 5.

We support students in learning to co-operate and negotiate and be able to share good practice and learn from others. We develop students’ awareness of the impact of art and design technology on society and expect them to achieve by applying a variety of skills from the wider curriculum together with those specific to Art, Design and Technology to produce effective and considered prototype products and artworks. art

We enable students to enjoy their learning in Art, Design and Technology and to gain transferable skills that will help them in other curriculum areas and in life. We aim to enable our students to become:

  • successful independent learners who enjoy learning, understand how to make progress and achieve to their potential;
  • confident self-managers and team-workers, who are willing to take risks and keep an open-mind about new ideas and techniques;
  • responsible citizens aware of the role they play in society and the importance of art, design and technology in contributing to society;
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The facilities and expertise in the area enable these aims and values to be explored through Art and Design, Food, Textiles, Graphics and Resistant Materials. Our curriculum is designed to lead to excellence at every level, providing our students with a strong foundation from which to excel in further art, design and STEM related studies. 


Mrs K Robbins: Curriculum Leader Design & Technology

Mrs A Savage: Director of Sixth Form

Miss L Mather: Curriculum Leader Art

Mrs J Winship: Teacher of Design & Technology

Mr B Savage: Teacher of Design & Technology

Mrs S Smith: Teacher of Design & Technology

Mr R Kay: Technical support  

Resources and facilities

The faculty is situated in the Design Centre at the centre of the academy campus. Within the block we have 2 workshop areas for multi-media work, a CAD/CAM centre, 1 ICT room, 1 Textiles room, 1 Graphics/Multi-media room, 2 Art and Design rooms and 1 Food room. 

In addition to this we have a laser cutter and a range of other CAD/CAM facilities. We use a range of ICT software to develop CAD work in projects.


In Key Stage 3 in Art, Design and Technology we offer opportunities for students to:

  • develop their designing and making skills;
  • develop knowledge and understanding of materials, components and structures;
  • nurture creativity and innovation through designing and making;
  • explore values about and attitudes to the made world and how we live, work and interact within it;
  • develop a critical understanding of technological processes, products and their manufacture, and how they contribute to our society;
  • prepare for making a contribution to life and work in a technological society;
  • relate and apply knowledge and understanding from across the curriculum;
  • develop confidence and enjoyment in art, craft and design;
  • seek to stimulate imagination and inventiveness through the student’s first-hand experience and by reference to the imaginative work of others;
  • appreciate and value individual responses in their own right;
  • provide opportunities for students to experiment, initiate, make choices and act on them.

Key Stage 4

Students opt from the range of courses in both Design and Technology and Art and Design. As we are a Technology College all students choose a Technology option.

Courses offered at GCSE in the Art, Design and Technology area: 

GCSE Textiles Technology AQA

GCSE Catering WJEC

GCSE Graphic Products Edexcel/AQA

GCSE Product Design AQA

GCSE Art and Design Fine Art AQA 

Design and Technology

Courses at KS4 in Design and Technology are taught through focussed practical tasks, theory lessons and workshop lessons. Designing and Making assessments and written exams added together to work out a final grade by the examination board 

GCSE Textiles Technology AQA

Assessment- Controlled assessment Design and Make project 60% Written exam 40% 

GCSE Catering WJEC

Assessment- 2 Controlled assessment tasks 60% Written exam 40%

Students that opt for Catering GCSE are given the opportunity to undertake the Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate. 

GCSE Graphic Products Edexcel/AQA

Assessment- Controlled assessment Design and Make project 60% Written exam 40% 

GCSE Product Design AQA

Assessment- Controlled assessment Design and Make project 60% Written exam 40%  

Art and Design GCSE AQA

Students will develop drawing, painting and making skills in GCSE and Art and Design. Students will learn how to research the work of other artists and art from other countries and learn how and why they created their work. Coursework makes up 60% of the final marks.  The controlled test makes up 40% of the final marks. Both are added together to work out a final grade by the examination board.

Key Stage 5

Students can opt from any of the following courses at KS5 

AS Product Design- Graphic Products AQA A2 Product Design- Graphic Products Edexcel

AS Product Design- Resistant Materials AQA A2 Product Design- Resistant Materials Edexcel

AS Fine Art AQA

Fine Art AQA

Forthcoming events 

GCSE and KS5 Exhibition

North Lincolnshire Engineering Challenge

Teen Tech 2014

Faculty Achievements and Enrichment 

Excellence in the Specialism SSAT award

A team of KS3 and KS4 students entered the Delta challenge at the Rossington Academy. The students were competing against other schools in The Partnership Trust to design and create a glider. The teams did fantastic and won the most enthusiastic and the most creative team.  

The students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge in STEM subjects through a number of enrichment days and external competitions.  In the past year we have entered our students into:

Year 8

Each year we enter 10 year 8 students in the Teen Tech competition. Over 300 students across Lincolnshire, Hull and East Riding compete in a number of STEM activities and competitions with the chance to win a range of prizes. The students have the opportunity to meet professionals who work in STEM related jobs and discuss with them future career paths. 

Year 9

Students competed in the industry challenge competition. They competed against a number of Lincolnshire and Hull schools in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style competition. The students worked as a team to create a sustainable garden design that could be developed at the academy.